Can I use telehealth?

  • You will need access to the internet through a phone or tablet data plan OR Wifi on a computer, phone or tablet.

  • You will need to schedule a visit through the clinic front office and receive a meeting ID.

  • Telehealth visits are not available if you need to have physical assessments performed such as EKG, providers feel that they need to interact directly with you to assess your condition, or you require any type of test such as blood test or urine test.

How do I connect?

1.  The clinic staff will provider you with a Meeting ID
2.  5 minutes before your meeting come to and hit the ‘Join Visit’ button.
The button will take you to a page that looks like this

3.   Enter the Meeting ID in the space indicated. If you have the ZOOM application on your device already, you will get a popup box asking to open zoom-click on “Open” NOT cancel.

If you do not have the ZOOM application on your device the screen will look like this 

Click ‘download & run Zoom’. This will put the application on your device and allow you to access the meeting and any future meetings. It is a free application.

4. The first screen you see is 

Make a note of the phone number at the top of the list. If your device does not have a microphone to talk into, you may need to use the phone number to call into the meeting so that the provider can hear you. Smart phones, tablets and most computers have a built in microphone. Once you have copied the phone number hit the little ‘done’ button.    

5.  The Screen should have

                         Meeting Topic: (your initials, meeting time and meeting date)

                         Host: (your provider)
You are now in the meeting but need to make a couple more adjustments.

5.  In the bottom left corner of the screen you should see a small video camera icon with a red line through it and the words ‘Start Video’ below it. (red circle) Click this so that the provider can see you!
In the same corner is a microphone icon that should be green and ready to go. If it says ‘Join Audio’ then you will need to phone into the meeting. If it has a red line through it and says ‘Start Audio’ then click it to talk to the provider.
You can click the microphone and video camera on and off any time during the meeting. The provider may also turn them off if there are questions from staff or conversations outside the meeting. But that shouldn’t happen most of the time.



If you have scheduled a telehealth visit please hit the button below and have your Meeting ID ready!

Amana Family Practice